This poem was written by one the volunteers at Santosh Community Centre, Leicester:



In patient rows along the temple floor

The little children sit and wait their turn.

Some smile, but most look far away

As careful volunteers serve out the food.

These are the kids with naught to eat at home

Some have to beg, and others search the streets

But here they find some respite from the fight.

Much older are the poor who wait at home

Depending on an angel’s motorbike.

He brings round tiffin in a set of tins

To those who cannot cater for themselves.

Immobile, blind, demented, all alone

In him they find a touch of human love –

Someone to ask them how they feel today.

Is all this care promoted by a god

Or goddess who inspires the loving work?

Or motivated by more earthly hopes –

Perhaps a need to make up for the past.

It doesn’t matter! What we need in life

Is caring for our fellow humans now;

The grave will surely claim us soon enough.